Walking Home a Different Way

Tracy Redhead (Composer), Timothy Powles (Curator/Producer)

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From her beginnings in suburban Perth as a self taught guitarist at the age of 15 to her 1998 WA tour as a 19 yr old with a just-starting-out John Butler to a trans-continental crossing to set up camp in Sydney in her early 20’s, singer songwriter Tracy Redhead has covered some ground.

Her first full length album is a testament to that and sticking to your craft while knowing that you have to walk a bit before you can run – that is, life’s experiences make for great songs. A labour of love that almost turned into a full time hobby, her new album ‘Walking Home A Different Way’ was written, refined, and recorded over a period of about 2 years with acclaimed drummer and producer, Tim Powles of The Church. Tracy played as many of the instruments as she possibly could, did the majority of lead and rhythm guitar parts. Her new band was predominantly formed before these recordings, but now features electronic producer Sofie Loizou on synthesizers.

Tracy says: Working with Tim gave me the biggest learning curve ever as a musician / songwriter. He really waited until the moment was right to record and managed to always find the magical take or part.... We both experimented, layering the album with melodies and interesting sounds, we tried to make a piece of art at the same time. He is such a creative and supportive producer that makes sure you can create an album that you can be proud of.

With the release of her debut solo album in 2008, Tracy has been happily cementing herself as a definite name on the local musical map with guest turns on recent albums from The Green Mist and The Chapel Of Ease where she played bass, sang lead vocal and co-wrote a portion of the albums tracks collaborating with local musicians Charlie Owen and Julien Poulson.

Tracy says: The Chapel of Ease is a really raw emotive recording and as freshly created as it gets. We all worked really hard. With The Green Mist, it was much more ‘rock and roll’ working with Lindsay Gravina at Birdland studios. Also, with The Green Mist, I couldn't believe I was collaborating with Brian from the Violent Femmes! They were one of my favourite bands growing up. I felt really privileged to be part of this recording and again it was really spontaneous.

‘Walking Home A Different Way’ displays songs heavily layered with lush melodies to others with a near Zeppelin-esque wail. The Album has received rave reviews including 4 stars in the Metro, Sydney Morning Herald. The first single “Where it Fits” is currently play listed on Triple J, FBI, 3RRR and RTR Fm with the film clip being played on Rage. The single has received awesome exposure via the Triple J website having recently been offered as a 'new artist' mp3 seeing 10,000+ downloads!

“Walking Home A Different Way’ was released by new Sydney label Perfect Sun, which is a recent venture for UK ex-pat Richard Roberts who signed PJ Harvey and Stereolab in his time as founder and owner of legendary London label Too Pure. Distribution nationally via Inertia.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPerfect Sun Label
Media of outputCD
Size54 min 26 sec
Publication statusPublished - 2008


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