Vasoactive Response of Isolated Pulpal Arterioles to Endothelin-1

Christine Yu, Nick Boyd, Stephen Cringle, Er-Ning Su, Dao-Yi Yu

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The vasoactive effect of endothelin-1 applied intraluminally or extraluminally was studied in vitro in isolated perfused porcine pulpal arterioles using a microperfusion system. Pulpal arterioles (outer diameter, 94.2 +/- 2.8 mum, n = 12) were cannulated and perfused at a constant flow rate in an environment-controlled bath on the stage of an inverted microscope. The vessel diameters were measured online. Both intraluminal and extraluminal application of endothelin-1 (10(-16) M to 10(-8) M) induced dose-dependent constrictions, reaching 82.3 +/- 1.7% (n = 12) and 70.5 +/- 1.3% (n = 12) at 10(-8) M, respectively. Nifedipine reversed endothelin-1-induced constriction dose-dependently at 10(-7) M and above. These data demonstrate that endothelin-1 induces calcium-dependent vasoconstriction in porcine pulpal arterioles, with extraluminal application more potent, which seems to reflect the possible modulation of vascular endothelium in the control of vascular tone.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)149-153
JournalThe Journal of Endodontics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2004


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