Uptake of Zinc and Iron by Wheat Genotypes Differing in Tolerance to Zinc Deficiency

Zed Rengel, V. Romheld, H. Marschner

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    The effect of zinc nutrition on release of phytosiderophores (PS) and uptake and transport to shoots of Zn-65 and Fe-59 was studied in two genotypes of wheat (Triticum aestivum cv. Warigal and T. turgidum conv. durum cv. Durati) differing in tolerance to Zn deficiency, There was little difference in root and shoot concentrations of Zn in the two genotypes pre-grown under different Zn supply. In contrast, Zn deficiency decreased shoot growth of 18-day-old plants of Zn-deficiency-sensitive Durati more than those of Zn-deficiency tolerant Warigal. Compared to Zn-sufficient roots, Zn-deficient roots of Durati released five times and those of Warigal 37 times more PS. Zn-deficient roots of Warigal released three times more PS than Zn-deficient Durati roots. Rates of Zn-65 uptake followed a similar pattern of differences among the treatments as did PS release. With an increase in severity of the Zn-deficiency stress between 14 and 18 days of growth at 0 Zn, uptake of Zn-65 increased by 170 % in Zn-deficiency-tolerant Warigal but remained unchanged in Zn-deficiency-sensitive Durati. Zn-deficient Warigal plants transported amounts of Zn-65 to shoots than plants in any other treatment. When plants were pre-grown at 0 Zn uptake was increased in Warigal, but decreased with severity of Zn deficiency in Durati. Transport of Fe-59 to shoots was inversely related to rates of Fe-59 uptake in Warigal. It is concluded that increased tolerance to Zn deficiency of Warigal plants is due to increased PS release under Zn deficiency, possibly as a consequence of decreased Fe transport to shoot. The regulation of Zn uptake is different from that of Fe, even though PS may be involved in both processes.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)433-438
    JournalJournal of Plant Physiology
    Publication statusPublished - 1998


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