Ultrasonographic assessment of joint pathology in type 2 diabetes and hyperuricemia: The Fremantle Diabetes Study Phase II

Helen I. Keen, Wendy A. Davis, Erin Latkovic, Jocelyn J. Drinkwater, Johannes Nossent, Timothy M.E. Davis

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Aims: The prevalence and consequences (articular and extra-articular) of hyperuricemia in type 2 diabetes, especially when asymptomatic (ASH), are incompletely understood. The aim of this study was to use ultrasonography to assess pathology associated with monosodium urate deposition in the joints of well-characterized hyperuricemic patients with type 2 diabetes. Methods: A subset of 101 participants (mean age 70.4 years, 59.8% males, median diabetes duration 14.6 years) with hyperuricemia (fasting serum uric acid ≥0.42 mmol/L) from the community-based observational Fremantle Diabetes Study Phase II were assessed by ultrasound for signs of intra-articular urate deposition and inflammation in 14 joints at increased risk of involvement in patients with gout. Results: Most participants had evidence of crystal deposition comprising aggregates (59.4%), tophi (19.8%) or a double contour sign (27.7%), and 37% had a power Doppler signal indicative of inflammation in at least one joint. There was no difference between the prevalence of these abnormalities in those with ASH (n = 60) versus participants with a history of gout (n = 41; P ≥ 0.15). There was no association between a history of ischemic heart disease (reported by 17.8% of participants) and either any abnormality on joint ultrasound or inflammatory changes assessed by power Doppler (P ≥ 0.41). Conclusions: Joint inflammation and/or urate deposition were present in the majority of community-based patients with type 2 diabetes and hyperuricemia regardless of whether there was a history of gout. Given the potential consequences of chronic inflammation for joint damage and extra-articular complications such as cardiovascular disease, these data have potential clinical implications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)400-405
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Diabetes and Its Complications
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2018


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