Typification and application of names in Drosera section Arachnopus (Droseraceae)

R.L. Barrett, A. Lowrie

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    Taxonomic review ofthe Drosera indica L. (Droseraceae) complex requires the clarification of a number of published names. This paper is focussed on the application of names applying to taxa occurring in Australia. Two lectotypes are chosen and one neotype is designated for names historically listed as synonyms of D. indica. Drosera serpens Planch. and D. angustifolia F.Muell. are lectotypified. A neotype is selected for D. hexagynia Blanco as no original material is known. Drosera hexagynia is considered to be a synonym of D. indica. Drosera angustifolia and D. indica f. robusta F.M.Bailey are here considered to be synonyms of D.finlaysoniana Wall. ex. Arn. Drosera angustifolia var. purpuriflora F.Muell. ex Diels is an illegitimate name. Notes are provided on D. hartmeyerorum Schlauer, the only other named Australian taxon in this species complex. Characteristics of the seeds, anthers and glandular hairs are considered diagnostic at the species level. Illustrations of key identifying features and full descriptions of the Australian species are provided. © Department of Enviroment and Conservation 2013.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)527-541
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


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