Treasure, a novel (creative component) ;Is this a novel or a script I'm writing? Loitering in the field of storytelling (dissertation)

Kara Jacob

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Creative component 'Treasure' (a novel) Two women meet in the Mongolian desert in the thirteenth century. One, Isabelle Eberhardt, is a writer and Sufi mystic from the Saharan desert in 1904. The other, Artemisia, once Queen of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, is now a modern-day adventurer, captain of a 34 metre lugger and a crew of once-famous artists whom she has assembled, all rescued from untimely deaths. With reservations on both sides, Isabelle and Artemisia agree to collaborate on a hunt that promises the greatest treasure of the age. Artemisia returns to her ship and the present day; Isabelle returns to Morocco in 1904 to work on the first clue from a 'map' Artemisia has given her. Once she has solved the clue, Isabelle joins Artemisia on her ship in the present day. They discover that they will need to bring new artists through time to join their quest. As each artist arrives and answers a clue, the crew move not only closer to the treasure, but further into the magic underworld of the land. The characters – almost all of whom are real historical figures – are prompted to question their own assumptions about their lives throughout the treasure hunt. Artemisia's desperation to seize the treasure mounts, while in others, doubts about their adventure start to grow. Will the treasure be worth the sacrifices made? And what of the unravelling of one of the characters, who must face the reality of who she is? The combination of unravelling and revelation brings a surprising conclusion to the treasure hunt. Dissertation component 'Is this a novel or a script I’m writing?': Loitering in the field of storytelling' When first thinking about how this novel was formulated I realised how strongly I have been influenced by film and television storytelling, both in the content of my novel and in the narrative techniques that I've used.
Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Publication statusUnpublished - 2009


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