Transcriptional Dysregulation of Sirtuin 1 is Relevant to Diabetes and Global Chronic Disease

Ian Martins

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New discoveries in medicine are required to determine the importance of food restriction with relevance to appetite regulation and defective post-prandial lipid metabolism. The repression of the calorie sensitive gene Sirtuin 1 (Sirt 1) is now critical to hepatic glucose/lipid metabolism with relevance to insulin resistance and the severity of global chronic diseases such as non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Defective Sirt 1 is now related to mitochondrial apoptosis in NAFLD and cardiovascular disease associated with the global diabetes epidemic. Nutritional regulation of Sirt 1 is connected to mitochondrial apoptosis and programmed cell death. Magnesium therapy with nutrition is essential to activate Sirt 1 and prevent NAFLD and cardiovascular disease. The assessment of diabetes in the developing and developed world indicate that various factors may predispose individuals to Sirt 1 transcriptional dysregulation with induction of insulin resistance, core body temperature disorders connected to organ disease. In the developed world calorie excess, caffeine diets, core body temperature/appetite dysregulation and magnesium deficiency may involve Sirt 1 repression with relevance to cell senescence and accelerated aging. Nutritional interventions are required to prevent mitophagy that is linked to NAFLD and diabetes. Caffeine doses should be reassessed with relevance to the global NAFLD epidemic with NAFLD expected to rise to 40% of the global population by 2050. In the developing world bacterial lipopolysaccharides are now connected to NAFLD and diabetes with food quality relevant to mitochondrial apoptosis in various chronic diseases.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Jul 2018
EventGlobal Experts Meeting On Diabetes, Hypertension & Metabolic Syndrome - Melbourne , Australia
Duration: 30 Jul 201831 Jul 2018


ConferenceGlobal Experts Meeting On Diabetes, Hypertension & Metabolic Syndrome


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