Three aspects of pharmacy practice addressed

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Q: I have signed a contract with the Residential Aged Care Facility to provide the RMMR service. What is considered best practice for commencing a dialogue with the GP practice that cares for the facility?A: Start your dialogue by delivering a letter to the GP practice that cares for that facility, to introduce yourself to the practice manager or nurse.Explain the service and the benefit to the practice. Take information leaflets or brochures about the service, as well as your business card.To aid a smooth referral process, you need to know the GP’s preferred method for communicating which residents have been identified for a review, and what his or her preferred process is to arrange the referral. You will also want to prompt the GP to add any questions or concerns about the medication regimen so you can address these in your report.Your report is much more likely to be read if the style is adapted to the GP’s preferred format. Some like dot points, others prefer more detail. Another consideration is that some GPs have a strong preference for the language style used. Some prefer the use of ‘consider’ or ‘options’ rather than stronger language like‘recommend’.The GP may have a preferred style for follow up. It is frustrating when you get limited feedback, so put in place processes that improve your feedback and communication to increase your job satisfaction. Even better, you may both coordinate your visits to the RACF. Congratulations for embarking on working in RACFs. It’s a rewarding area to work in.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2018

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