Thinking - Feminism - Place: Situating the 1980s Australian Women's Peace Camps

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This chapter connects thinking, feminism, and place, to suggest a link between ecology and epistemology, between the environment in which we live our lives and the production of knowledge generated through those times, places, and lived bodily experiences. Val Plumwood’s encounter with a crocodile, for example, was transformational in her life and thinking, and symptomatic of the intimacy between the corporeal and the conceptual in feminist thinking. Interested in how ideas move, how we’re moved by ideas, and how social movements are made, I take up the idea of situated knowledge and partial perspective as legacies of 1980s feminist thinking, and situate them in relation to Cold War politics and feminist peace activism at the time. Specifically, I align them with the 1980s women’s peace movement in Australia, especially the Pine Gap women’s peace camp that took place in the central Australian desert in the summer of 1983. The analyses that emerge of war, masculinity, militarism, and its continuum with violence against women and environmental destruction is of its time and yet enduring if not magnified in the new economies of post-industrial capitalism. Through this emblematic event, I argue for the ways in which embodiment, ecologies, and epistemology are entangled. I draw on Lorraine Code’s suggestion of ecological communities, and on Elizabeth Grosz’s work on corporeality, space and time, to renegotiate the currency of the 1980s through its politics of location and situated knowledge. Thinking–feminism–¬place conjoins these terms to anticipate the potency of place, bodies, and ideas as mutually constitutive and transformational: as an ecology of feminist epistemology.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFeminist Ecologies
Subtitle of host publicationChanging Environments in the Anthropocene
EditorsLara Stevens, Peta Tait, Denise Varney
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