The psychomotor vigilance test: a comparison of different test durations in elite athletes

Maddison J. Jones, Ian C. Dunican, Kevin Murray, Peter Peeling, Brian Dawson, Shona Halson, Joanna Miller, Peter R. Eastwood

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The 10-min Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT-10) is regarded as the gold-standard for assessing vigilant attention following sleep loss; however, other studies have investigated whether shorter versions of the test elicit similar results to the PVT-10. The present study compared the PVT-10 with 3-min (PVT-3) and 5-min (PVT-5) versions of the test in elite female basketball players. Athletes performed all three tests in the morning and evening for seven consecutive days. Response speed (mean reciprocal reaction time; mean 1/RT), number of errors and number of lapses were determined for each test and time point. The PVT-3 elicited significantly faster response speeds than the other two tests (p < 0.01), while the PVT-5 and PVT-10 were not different. The PVT-10 resulted in more lapses than the PVT-5, followed by the PVT-3, with all tests being significantly different to each other (p < 0.01). In conclusion, while the PVT-5 and PVT-10 were generally similar for response speed, the PVT-3 did not produce results comparable with the PVT-10 for response speed, lapses or errors, and should therefore not be used interchangeably. Further research is required to determine whether the shorter tests are a suitable replacement for the PVT-10 in professional basketball players.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2033-2037
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Sports Sciences
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - 17 Sep 2018

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    The Psychomotor Vigilance Test: A comparison of different test durations in elite athletes

    Jones, M. J. (Creator), Peeling, P. (Contributor), Dawson, B. (Contributor), Eastwood, P. (Contributor), Halson, S. L. (Contributor), Miller, J. (Contributor), Murray, K. (Contributor) & Dunican, I. C. (Contributor), The University of Western Australia, 14 Nov 2017


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