The ORIGINS Project

Erika Hagemann, Lynette Joy Colvin, Lisa Gibson, Sarah Miller, Debra Jane Palmer, Srinivas Jois, Desiree Silva, Susan Lynne Prescott

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Abstract ORIGINS is a new birth cohort study, collecting detailed information
about the early environment’s influence on a broad range of non-communicable
diseases. Over 5 years we aim to recruit 10,000 women and their partners early in pregnancy at Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) and collect biological samples, routine data and web-based questionnaires on their physical and mental health, diet, physical activity patterns and a range of factors in their environment, creating a large biobank and databank. We will intensively follow up these families until the children are 5 years of age. We will assess how early-life exposures influence child growth, development and health.
Nested within the main observational cohort will be a series of intervention studies to improve modifiable aspects of the early-life environment (e.g. nutrition, physical activity, microbial diversity and language development). ORIGINS is embedded in clinical care at JHC, and positive findings will be promptly translated into routine care for all families. Community and consumer representation is incorporated into this project. In addition to a dedicated ORIGINS Community Reference Group and Participant Reference Group, ORIGINS team members collaborate and participate with relevant local agencies, networks and groups. This encourages community engagement and provides avenues to disseminate information and findings to families and agencies.
ORIGINS will be a significant asset for the community as it has the potential to
improve child and adolescent health and increase maternal, paternal, child and adolescent health research capacity, research productivity, research collaboration and translational impact.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPre-emptive medicine
Subtitle of host publicationPublic health aspects of developmental origins of health and disease
EditorsMark Hanson, Hideoki Fukuoka
ISBN (Electronic)9789811321948
ISBN (Print)9789811321931
Publication statusPublished - 2018

Publication series

NameCurrent Topics in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine
PublisherSpringer, Singapore


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