The function of the human diaphragm as a volume pump and measurement of its efficiency

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[Truncated abstract] The function of the diaphragm as a volume pump has not been adequately evaluated because there are no accurate methods to measure the volume displaced by diaphragm motion (ΔVdi). As a consequence, the work done, power output and efficiency of the diaphragm have not been measured. Efficiency of the diaphragm could be measured by relating the power output of the diaphragm to its neural activation. The aims of this thesis were to (a) develop a new biplanar radiographic method to measure ΔVdi and use this to evaluate the effect of costophrenic fibrosis and emphysema on ΔVdi, (b) develop a new fluoroscopic method to enable breath-by-breath measurements of ΔVdi, (c) evaluate a method for quantifying neural activation of the diaphragm, and (d) combine measurements of transdiaphragmatic pressure, ΔVdi, inspiratory duration and neural activation of the diaphragm to quantify the neuromechanical efficiency of the diaphragm
Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Publication statusUnpublished - 2003


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