The Duality of Sound. Eine medienwissenschaftliche Zeitkritik des sonischen Signalwesens.

Research output: ThesisNon-UWA Thesis


THE DUALITY OF SOUND is dedicated to the media-technological presentation of spatiotemporal relations of time-critical processes. It uses the sonic signal to illustrate the central role of the measuring medium in relation to the understanding-of-the-world.
First, the sonic signal is to be approached through information theory. The relationship between information and material or energetic physics will be explored to couple the signal with the generation of the understanding-of-the-world. Subsequently, the signal in the act of measurement is addressed. The double-slit experiment serves as an example here, as it represents the strict connection between the selected measuring apparatus and the revealed phenomenon, which contradicts’ classical’ physics.
The second chapter will address how the location or momentum of an object of interest is measured. Following Heisenberg, a media-scientific interpretation of the act of measurement takes place here: the elaborated’ technological uncertainty principle’ shows that two media technological’ anatomy types’ limit the possibility of forming spatiotemporal relations. Following Karen Barad, it is argued that although the object of measurement has a body (sex), this is always found in the discourse (gender) of the subject. Accordingly, the medium of measurement can never be purely objective since the formation of the understanding-of-the-world is already decided with the choice of the measuring instrument.
Finally, two different signal entities present themselves in the last chapter of this thesis. The sonic signal via the computer temporalizes space. In the case of the phonautograph, a character is revealed that emerges from the temporalization of space. In the end, the generation of understanding-of-the-world is revealed in a continuous or discontinuous guise; depending on the medium of measurement, the dual nature of the sonic signal is revealed.
Original languageGerman
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  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Ernst, Wolfgang, Supervisor, External person
  • Miyazaki, Shintaro, Supervisor, External person
Award date29 Jun 2021
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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