Supralittoral pseudoscorpions of the genus Garypus (Pseudoscorpiones: Garypidae) from the Indo-West Pacific region, with a review of the subfamily classification of Garypidae

Mark S. Harvey, Mia J. Hillyer, Jose I. Carvajal, Joel A. Huey

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The pseudoscorpions of the genus Garypus L. Koch are restricted to seashore habitats where they occupy supralittoral and littoral zones primarily in tropical and subtropical areas. Few species have been recorded from the Indo-West Pacific region, and this project was devised to produce a review of the species found in museum collections and to test the relationships of the various garypid genera using a molecular analysis and an assessment of their morphology. A new subfamily classification is proposed with the subfamilies Garypinae, including Garypus and the new genus Anchigarypus Harvey (type species Garypus californicus Banks), and the Synsphyroninae for the other genera (Ammogarypus Beier, Anagarypus Chamberlin, Elattogarypus Beier, Eremogarypus Beier, Meiogarypus Beier, Neogarypus Vachon, Paragarypus Vachon, Neogarypus Vachon, Synsphyronus Chamberlin, and Thaumastogarypus Beier). The species-level revision of Garypus provides evidence for at least 14 species, most of which are known from only single localities. The following species are redescribed: G. insularis Tullgren from the Seychelles, G. krusadiensis Murthy & Ananthakrishnan from India and Sri Lanka, G. longidigitus Hoff from Queensland, Australia, G. maldivensis Pocock from the Maldives, G. nicobarensis Beier from the Nicobar Islands and G. ornatus Beier from the Marshall Islands. The holotype of G. insularis is a tritonymph, and not therefore readily identifiable. Nine new species are described: G. latens Harvey, sp. nov., G. malgaryungu Harvey, sp. nov., G. necopinus Harvey, sp. nov., G. postlei Harvey, sp. nov., G. ranalliorum Harvey, sp. nov. and G. weipa Harvey, sp. nov. from northern Australia, G. dissitus Harvey, sp. nov. from Cocos-Keeling Island, G. reong Harvey, sp. nov. and G. yeni Harvey, sp. nov. from Indonesia. A further possible new species from Queensland is described but not named, as it is represented by a single tritonymph. The subspecies of the Caribbean species G. bonairensis Beier are elevated to full species status: G. bonairensis, G. realini Hummelinck and G. withi Hoff. We supplement the descriptions with sequence data from five specimens from four species of Garypus and two species of Anchigarypus, and find COI divergence levels of 7-19% between Garypus species.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)34-87
Number of pages54
JournalInvertebrate Systematics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2020


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