Strategic Considerations of the North West Self Venture and Its Impact on Australia-China relations

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The Australian North West Shelf venture is the largest resource sector development in the country's history. The strategic implications of this project for Australia's gas production industry are immense. Gas, particularly liquid natural gas as a cleaner source of energy, has crucial strategic important in international politics and energy security across the region. Being an exporter of gas in the Asia-Pacific would be in Australia's national interest. It would give the country greater bargaining power in the region, especially in Australia-China relations and for the issue of balance of power in Asia. China's need for reliable and cleaner sources of energy should be a driving force behind a closer relationship with China. Australia may face new challenges to its historic defence partnership with the United States. Furthermore, there is an increased need to protect a critical infrastructure site such as the North West Shelf against a terrorist launch. The article endeavours to explain the strategic impact of the North West Shelf venture project has for the Australian economy and its strategic implications for Australia's relations in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly with China.
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Title of host publicationEmerging Scholars 2015
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PublisherAustralian Institute of International Affairs
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Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2016
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