Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: IRP2 (Comprehensive Economic Evaluation Framework)

Mark Siebentritt, MD Sayed Iftekhar, Tamara Harold

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The aim of CRC for Water Sensitive Cities' Integrated Research Project 2 (IRP2) is to develop, test, and apply a broadly applicable framework for conducting integrated economic assessment to support business-case development for investing in water sensitive, liveable, and resilient cities. The project is underpinned by a strong emphasis on stakeholder engagement. The aim of this engagement strategy is to increase the likelihood that key stakeholders – especially end users such as local government and water utilities – will want to use the tools, evaluation framework, information, and lessons generated from the project. This will be achieved by designing an approach that involves end users with the development, testing, and use of different tools and of the framework. In order to meet the project objectives, the specific objectives of this engagement strategy are to understand stakeholder needs, raise general awareness about the existence of the framework and tools among possible future users to encourage adoption, identify and encourage key stakeholders – especially targeted end users in state government, local government, and water utilities – to adopt and use the framework and tools, guide internal, project-team communications, and, build on existing internal-reporting mechanisms and ensure that the CRCWSC Board is aware of the project’s progress and achievements.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationMelbourne, Australia
PublisherCooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities Pty Ltd.
Commissioning bodyCooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities
Number of pages35
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sept 2017


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