Skirted foundation to mitigate spudcan punch-through on sand-over-clay

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    Mitigation of spudcan punch-through is one of the principal aspects for inclusion in the ISO standard 19905-1. This paper investigates the potential for using skirted foundations as an alternative to spudcans in an attempt to mitigate punch-through failure of jack-up rigs during installation and preloading in sand-over-clay deposits. A series of centrifuge model tests is undertaken on a spudcan and two skirted foundations, varying the length of the skirt relative to the foundation diameter. The thickness of the sand layer is also varied to cover a range of practical interest. The results from this study confirm that the use of skirted foundations as an alternative to spudcans can eliminate the potential of punch-through failure on sand-over-clay deposits. The degree of post-peak bearing reduction, one of the key measures of the severity of punch-through failure, is shown to be linked directly to the effective sand layer thickness beneath the foundations. Skirted foundations assist in mitigating the severity of punch-through failure by reducing the effective sand layer thickness.

    Original languageEnglish
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    Publication statusPublished - 18 Mar 2014


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