Shark: Flexible semi-analytic galaxy formation model

Claudia del P. Lagos, Rodrigo J. Tobar, Aaron S. G. Robotham, Danail Obreschkow, Peter D. Mitchell, Chris Power, Pascal J. Elahi

Research output: Non-traditional research outputSoftwarepeer-review


Shark is a flexible semi-analytic galaxy formation model for easy exploration of different physical processes. Shark has been implemented with several models for gas cooling, active galactic nuclei, stellar and photo-ionization feedback, and star formation (SF). The software can determine the stellar mass function and stellar-halo mass relation at z=0-4; cosmic evolution of the star formation rate density, stellar mass, atomic and molecular hydrogen; local gas scaling relations; and structural galaxy properties. It performs particularly well for the mass-size relation for discs/bulges, the gas-stellar mass and stellar mass-metallicity relations. Shark is written in C++11 and has been parallelized with OpenMP.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2018


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