Samson Agonistes: An intertextual re-dramatisation after Milton

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A staged reading of acclaimed Western Australian poet John Kinsella’s Samson Agonistes: An intertextual re-dramatisation after Milton in the Dolphin Theatre, UWA
Drawing on seventeenth-century English poet John Milton’s verse drama Samson Agonistes, published in 1671, Kinsella echoes many of Milton’s themes as he explores how Samson, a paradoxical symbol of uncontrolled violence, as well as being a pacifist peacemaker and the possessor of a cyborg sensitivity, must come to terms with his participation in his own powerlessness and incarceration. This ‘dramatic poem’ was first staged by the Marlowe Society at the University of Cambridge in 2018. We are very pleased to be able to present it here in Western Australia through the auspices of the Westerly Centre, UWA, and the English Teachers Association of Western Australia.
Original languageEnglish
Size100 minutes
Publication statusUnpublished - 3 Mar 2021
EventSamson Agonistes: an intertextural re-dramatisation after Milton: a stage reading - Dolphin Theatre, UWA, Perth, Australia
Duration: 3 Mar 2021 → …


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