Rewilding the Academic Body

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We are children of the Holocene, yet far from well adapted to its successor, the Anthropocene. Detailed experimental evidence continues to accumulate each year from research in a range of disciplines which demonstrates that an ancestral lifestyle has something to teach us about how to design a state of contemporary human flourishing. The rewilded Anthropocene human body is one that has made it to the comfortable sofa of a materially complex civilisation, but who has then decided to stand up and go outside. To motivate such a move we need more than a compendium of scientific evidence for ‘mismatch diseases’. In this paper I will argue that we also need to call on our cultural treasure trove of iconography and literature.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18 Nov 2020
EventRewilding Academia? : Multispecies Negotiations Across Disciplines - Forrest Hall, CRAWLEY, WA, Australia
Duration: 18 Nov 202018 Nov 2020


ConferenceRewilding Academia?


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