Reporting Eye-tracking Studies In DEntistry (RESIDE) Checklist

Yun Young (Vanessa) Cho, Hui Loh, Lyndon Abbott, Anisah Mohd Isa, Robert Anthonappa

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Objectives: To (i) provide a scoping review of eye-tracking studies in dentistry, and (ii) propose a "Reporting Eye-tracking Studies in DEntistry" (RESIDE) checklist to facilitate standard reporting of eye-tracking studies. Data: A comprehensive search of six distinct electronic databases was undertaken. Sources: Pubmed, OVID, Wed of Knowledge, Scopus, Cochrane and Google Scholar were used to identify studies that employed eye-tracking technology and dentistry as a subfield Study selection: 42 studies met the inclusion criteria. Most studies exhibited several inconsistencies or failed to report on the appropriate items in the RESIDE checklist. These essential components include ethical approval, sample size calculation, location and setting, eye-tracking device attributes, participant calibration, sequence of events, and eye-tracking metrics (quantitative, qualitative and data details). Conclusions: Evaluation of the published eye-tracking studies in this scoping review provides empirical data, highlighting the inconsistencies and limitations. Importantly, it illustrates the applicability of the RESIDE Checklist, which provides a comprehensive list of reporting elements to assist authors and reviewers of eye-tracking studies in dentistry. Also, RESIDE provides a framework to overcome critical issues to ensure high-quality scientific publications. Clinical significance: A minimum threshold should be applied before accepting eye-tracking studies for publication in the future. RESIDE checklist promotes transparent and reproducible scientific communication about eye-tracking applications to dentistry. In addition, it provides a comprehensive list of reporting elements to assist authors and reviewers in ensuring high-quality scientific publications.
Original languageEnglish
Article number104359
JournalJournal of Dentistry
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2023


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