A Hamdi, William Erskine, P Gates

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    There are several reports of the association among lentil characters based on a few, relatively similar lines grown in single environments. Their results have often been inconsistent because of inadequate sampling of genotypes and environments. This study examined associations between economic characters in lentil over a wide range of genetic material and environments in West Asia. The first part of the study concerned correlations within large samples from the world lentil collection grown in two seasons, and the second part covered a smaller sample of genetic material from the collection sown over a wider range of conditions.The results showed similar phenotypic correlations over two seasons, contrasting in rainfall, in the world lentil collection. Similar genetic and phenotypic correlations were also shown by the smaller sample of germplasm over 10 environments. These results indicated low importance of covariance due to environmental and genotype-environment interaction effects. Seed yield was positively correlated with straw yield, indicating selection for either character will increase the other trait. The correlation between seed protein content and seed yield was small and negative, while the correlation of protein with straw yield was positive in sign. This suggests that the current ICARDA goals of selection for high seed and straw yield will not have a major correlated effect on seed protein content. There was a strong positive correlation between seed size and cooking time (r = 0.96), therefore seed size can be used to predict cooking time.
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    Pages (from-to)109-116
    Publication statusPublished - 1991


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