Rehabilitation in the home: an exploration of attitudes, perceptions and beliefs of referrers, consumers and service providers

Jacqueline Claire Kraut

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    [Truncated abstract] Title: Rehabilitation in the Home: an exploration of attitudes, perceptions and beliefs of referrers, consumers and service providers. Purpose: The main aim of this research was to explore the beliefs and attitudes held by health professionals and patients regarding early supported discharge (ESD); specifically related to a Perth based ESD service called Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH). Design: Qualitative and quantitative methodologies were used in the study design. The main focus of the study was a cross sectional online survey of potential referrers to RITH and allied health professionals working within RITH. The online survey was based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour and as such, involved an initial elicitation process, which was used to inform the content of the questionnaire. Additionally, a data audit was completed to examine whether the RITH service was actually being used as an ESD service. Method: Two separate elicitation processes were undertaken. One-to-one interviews were conducted with patients (n = 10) and their corresponding treating staff member (n = 10) within the inpatient setting, exploring attitudes and beliefs towards leaving the hospital sooner and receiving rehabilitation in the home. Consultants involved with inpatient rehabilitation (n = 9) were also interviewed concerning the decision making for the timing of, and patient suitability for, referral to the RITH service. The online survey was developed based on the findings from the interviews and was piloted on staff (n = 10) from a separate, but equivalent ESD service based in Perth prior to the main survey being conducted. Finally, data routinely collected by RITH and the South Metropolitan Health Service were audited to consider the rate of participation in ESD (RITH) for patients with a diagnosis of either fractured neck of femur (NOF) or stroke as well as inpatient length of stay (LOS) for these patients prior to referral to RITH.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2012


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