Recommendations of the 2006 Human Variome Project Meeting

R.G.H. Cotton, W. Appelbe, A.D. Auerbach, K. Becker, W. Bodmer, D.J. Boone, V. Boulyjenkov, S. Brahmachari, L. Brody, A. Brookes, A.F. Brown, P. Byers, J.M. Cantu, J.J. Cassiman, M. Claustres, P. Concannon, J.T. Den Dunnen, P. Flicek, R. Gibbs, J. HallJ. Hasler, M. Katz, P. Kwok, S. Laradi, A. Lindblom, D. Maglott, S.P. Marsh, C.M. Masimirembwa, S. Minoshima, A.M. Oller De Ramirez, R. Pagon, R. Ramesar, David Ravine, S. Richards, D. Rimoin, H.Z. Ring, C.R. Scriver, S. Sherry, N. Shimizu, L. Stein, G.O. Tadmouri, G. Taylor, M. Watson

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