Queer Ecologies

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This issue of Quarterly inherits the ecosexual/sensual embrace of Q17: Sense and Sensuality, adapting to explore queer theory, art and trans*ecological kinships. Queer ecologies slither through the wanton matteriality of naturecultures, embracing the polyamorous tendrils of mulberries, the deep futurity of plastic, the polymorphous fecundity of landscapes, amphibious perversity, piscine metaphysics, the tranimacies of scent, and oh and oh and oh…yes yes yes. We stroke queer resistances of anti-normativity, anti-futurity and anti-reproductivity and the precarious possibilities of performativity, diversity and kinship. The authors slide through sustainability and slip into compostability, sifting through the transient, the fecund, the toxic, the enduring, the deviant, the moist, the odoriferous, the colonised and the colonial, unearthing the spacetimemattering4 of proliferation, extinction and

This issue entangles queer and ecological aesthethics in companionate portions for your degustation, encouraging you to take pleasure in your decolonisation and propagate mycelia of pre-care-ity and response-ability.
Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationCSPA Quarterly
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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