Quantum walks of correlated photons

Alberto Peruzzo, Mirko Lobino, Jonathan C.F. Matthews, Nobuyuki Matsuda, Alberto Politi, Konstantinos Poulios, Xiao Qi Zhou, Yoav Lahini, Nur Ismail, Kerstin Wörhoff, Yaron Bromberg, Yaron Silberberg, Mark G. Thompson, Jeremy L. OBrien

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Quantum walks of correlated particles offer the possibility of studying large-scale quantum interference; simulating biological, chemical, and physical systems; and providing a route to universal quantum computation. We have demonstrated quantum walks of two identical photons in an array of 21 continuously evanescently coupled waveguides in a SiOxNy chip. We observed quantum correlations, violating a classical limit by 76 standard deviations, and found that the correlations depended critically on the input state of the quantum walk. These results present a powerful approach to achieving quantum walks with correlated particles to encode information in an exponentially larger state space.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1500-1503
Number of pages4
Issue number5998
Publication statusPublished - 17 Sept 2010


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