Pyjamas, Polysomnography and Professional Athletes: The Role of Sleep Tracking Technology in Sport

Matthew Driller, Ian C. Dunican, Shauni E. T. Omond, Omar Boukhris, Shauna Stevenson, Kari Lambing, Amy M. Bender

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Technological advances in sleep monitoring have seen an explosion of devices used to gather important sleep metrics. These devices range from instrumented ‘smart pyjamas’ through to at-home polysomnography devices. Alongside these developments in sleep technologies, there have been concomitant increases in sleep monitoring in athletic populations, both in the research and in practical settings. The increase in sleep monitoring in sport is likely due to the increased knowledge of the importance of sleep in the recovery process and performance of an athlete, as well as the well-reported challenges that athletes can face with their sleep. This narrative review will discuss: (1) the importance of sleep to athletes; (2) the various wearable tools and technologies being used to monitor sleep in the sport setting; (3) the role that sleep tracking devices may play in gathering information about sleep; (4) the reliability and validity of sleep tracking devices; (5) the limitations and cautions associated with sleep trackers; and, (6) the use of sleep trackers to guide behaviour change in athletes. We also provide some practical recommendations for practitioners working with athletes to ensure that the selection of such devices and technology will meet the goals and requirements of the athlete.
Original languageEnglish
Article number14
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jan 2023


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