Predictors of noise exposure in construction workers

Kate Lewkowski, Jane Heyworth, Kahlia McCausland, Jacqueline Fritschi, Warwick Williams, Weijie Li

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Construction workers are exposed to hazardous noise from a wide variety of tools and equipment. This study aims to determine the workplace tasks associated with being exposed to occupational construction noise above
the Australian standard (LAeq,8h ≥ 85 dB). The paper also explores the predictors of personal hearing protection use amongst construction industry workers. One hundred construction workers from a range of construction occupations were recruited. Participants wore a dosimeter for a working shift that recorded their time weighted eighthour equivalent noise exposure levels (LAeq,8h). Interviewers used specialised occupational exposure survey software,
OccIDEAS, to collect information about the tools and equipment used during the same working shift. LAeq,8h results ranged from 71 dB to 101 dB with 46% of participants having an LAeq,8h equal to or over the Australian Exposure Standard (85 dB). Results showed that the personal use of planers, sanders and grinders; large machinery; and power hammers were strongly associated with having an LAeq,8h over 85 dB. Only 41% of workers who had an LAeq,8h ≥ 85 dB wore hearing protection all the time they performed noisy tasks.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of Acoustics 2017 Perth: sound, science and society
Subtitle of host publicationAnnual conference of the Australian Acoustical Society
EditorsTerrance McMinn, Alec Duncan
Place of PublicationPerth, WA
PublisherAustralian Acoustical Society
ISBN (Electronic)9780909882075
ISBN (Print)9780909882075
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventAcoustics 2017: Sound, Science and Society - Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth, Australia
Duration: 19 Nov 201722 Nov 2017

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NameProceedings of ACOUSTICS 2017 Perth: Sound, Science and Society - 2017 Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, AAS 2017


ConferenceAcoustics 2017
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