Patient blood management in oncology in the Russian Federation: Resolution to improve oncology care

Axel Hofmann, Matti Aapro, Tatyana A. Fedorova, Yevgeny B. Zhiburt, Anton V. Snegovoy, Oleg I. Kaganov, Nikolai A. Ognerubov, Vladimir K. Lyadov, Vladimir M. Moiseenko, Oksana P. Trofimova, Lev A. Ashrafyan, Rustem Sh Khasanov, Irina V. Poddubnaya

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There is accumulating evidence that anemia and iron deficiency, thrombocytopenia, blood loss and coagulopathy are independent risk factors for adverse patient outcomes in oncology and other settings. Patient blood management (PBM) aims to address these factors by managing and preserving a patient's blood. PBM improves patient health, but also reduces resource utilization, including use of allogeneic blood components, which is another risk factor for adverse outcomes. Supported by the World Health Organization and endorsed in WHA63.12, PBM is recommended by an increasing number of health authorities and is about to become a new standard of care. In support of the Russian National Long-Term Oncology Strategy 2030 to improve quality of oncological care, and with support from the National Association of Specialists in PBM, the PBM Oncology Working Group of the Russian Federation was created. In July 2020, this Group met to discuss the rationale and need for PBM in Russian oncology care. The Group recommended to include PBM as an integral part of standard oncology treatment pathways and developed a national resolution as a call to action on this matter, which was adopted in August 2020. This article details the rationale behind the resolution, delineates the action required from facilitating stakeholders (government; healthcare providers; educational facilities; research entities/institutions; funders; patient representatives/advocates), and proposes a roadmap for implementation. The generation of local health-economic and outcome data and the development of educational programs will be important in the implementation of PBM to help alleviate the health, social and economic burden of cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100315
JournalJournal of Cancer Policy
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2022


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