Outcomes of two trials of oxygen-saturation targets in preterm infants

W. Tarnow-Mordi, B. Stenson, A. Kirby, E. Juszczak, M. Donoghoe, S. Deshpande, C. Morley, A. King, L.W. Doyle, B.W. Fleck, P.G. Davis, H.L. Halliday, W. Hague, P. Cairns, B.A. Darlow, A.R. Fielder, V. Gebski, N. Marlow, Karen Simmer, W. TinA. Ghadge, C. Williams, A. Keech, S.P. Wardle, Z. Kecskes, M. Kluckow, G. Gole, N. Evans, G. Malcolm, M. Luig, I. Wright, J. Stack, K. Tan, M. Pritchard, P.H. Gray, S. Morris, B. Headley, P. Dargaville, R.J. Simes, P. Brocklehurst

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