Nukuhiva Berland, 1935 is a troglobitic wolf spider (Araneae: Lycosidae), not a nursery-web spider (Pisauridae)

Volker Framenau, P.T. Lehtinen

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    Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press. The monotypic genus Nukuhiva Berland, 1935 with N. adamsoni (Berland, 1933) as type species, is re-described and transferred from the Pisauridae Simon, 1890 (fishing or nursery-web spiders) to the Lycosidae Sundevall, 1833 (wolf spiders) based on genitalic and somatic characters. Nukuhiva adamsoni, originally described from French Polynesia, ap-pears to inhabit mountainous habitats of volcanic origin. Its troglobitic morphology-comparatively small eyes and pale, uniform coloration-suggest it to be associated with subterranean habitats such as caves or lava tubes, similar to the Ha-waiian troglobitic species Lycosa howarthi Gertsch, 1973 and Adelocosa anops Gertsch,1973.
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