Minimal outcome measurements in pediatric cochlear implant users: a consensus paper

HEARRING Members, Griet Mertens, Anouk Hofkens, Paul Van de Heyning, Vincent Van Rompaey, An Boudewyns, Maria Fernanda Di Gregorio, Robert H. Eikelboom, Roberta Marino, Anja Kurz, Heike Kuhn, Wafaa Shehata-Dieler, Artur Lorens, Sasidharan Pulibalathingal, Ranjith Rajeswaran, Dayse Tavora-Vieira, Sandra R. Bellekom, Vedat Topsakal

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The benefits of cochlear implantation in children with severe hearing impairments are widely known; however, there is no consensus regarding which minimal outcome measurements (MOMs) should be used to determine outcomes in this population with pediatric cochlear implant (CI). Therefore, the authors aim to propose a MOM test battery for pediatric CI recipients that can facilitate international multi-center research and collaboration. A pediatric MOM test battery was developed and agreed-upon by members of the HEARRING group across 30 expert clinics in the field of hearing implantation. The MOM test battery was chosen based on a literature search that focused on outcome measurements applied in clinical trials involving children with a hearing implant. Members of the HEARRING group were then asked to evaluate each of the pediatric MOM tests used. The final pediatric MOM test battery was defined for different chronological age categories (six weeks-18 years) at different suggested test intervals. The test battery includes objective hearing measurements, aided and unaided audiometry, speech perception tests in quiet and in noise, subjective hearing assessments, assessment of language development, and mental and motor development. This study presents a consensus on a MOM test battery for pediatric CI recipients that was agreed upon by members of the HEARRING group. This test battery should allow for international multi-center research to be able to extend and share evidence that will guide future clinical practice and research efforts in pediatric populations with CI.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)110-120
Number of pages11
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2021


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