Mineral Systems, Earth Evolution, and Global Metallogeny

David Ian Groves, M. Santosh

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Mineral Systems, Earth Evolution, and Global Metallogeny provides insights into the critical parameters of Earth’s evolution, particularly in terms of thermal state, tectonics, and the atmosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere system that control the metallogeny of the planet. World-class to giant mineral systems are described and interpreted in terms of their relationship to critical periods of change in tectonic regimes within the supercontinent cycle and evolution of the mantle lithosphere. Specific times of formation of highly anomalous giant mineral systems, such as the so-called Boring Billion, are discussed together with specific tectonic environments, such as craton edges and thick lithosphere margins. This book provides an overview on how the evolution of Earth has dictated the nature and distribution of its mineral resources that are the foundation of our modern industries and provides insights into critical parameters for conceptual exploration targeting. Mineral Systems, Earth Evolution, and Global Metallogeny provides a helpful resource for researchers, academicians, undergraduate and graduate students, and geologists engaged in the fields of economic geology, geologic exploration, mineral systems, and earth evolution in understanding the timing and distribution of the world’s major mineral deposits and their relation to critical parameters controlling earth’s evolution.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages251
ISBN (Electronic)9780443216855
ISBN (Print)9780443216848
Publication statusPublished - 2024


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