Migranci i ich starzejący się rodzice. Transnarodowy system opieki międzygeneracyjnej

Translated title of the contribution: Migrants and their aging parents: Transnational intergenerational care system

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Around the migration of adult children in the context of the needs of their older parents, negative discourses are constructed in the form of moral panics. At their center are migrant women, especially those whose parents require help in maintaining personal hygiene. They are more than migrant men who are in a similar situation, subjected to social (negative) assessments in the sending society. This forces them to make additional efforts in the immigration state to replace direct personal care with a substitute in the form of financial support.
The situation of migrant women is further complicated when they are burdened with double family obligations and take care not only of their older parents, but also of their own children. This situation, which is common in transnational reality, leads to numerous tensions and moral dilemmas. In my book, I deal with the functioning of the transnational intergenerational care system, under which socio-cultural practices that reduce at least some of these tensions and dilemmas are implemented.
Translated title of the contributionMigrants and their aging parents: Transnational intergenerational care system
Original languageOther
Place of PublicationWarsaw
PublisherScholar Publishing
Number of pages226
ISBN (Print)9788373836839
Publication statusPublished - 2013
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