Men in nursing: a quantitative study from the perspective of West Australian nursing students

Margaret Haigh

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[Truncated] Background
Despite concerted efforts in recent years, the number of men in nursing in Australia remains persistently low. Currently, approximately one-tenth of all nurses registered in Australia are male. It is widely agreed that diversity in the workplace is a desirable objective, particularly in a health care setting where a degree of affinity with the carer is desirable. In order to identify successful strategies to encourage men to consider nursing, it is important to establish why men enter into nursing and understand their experiences of undertaking a nursing education programme. This study explores these concepts by focussing on the experiences and the attitudes of male and female students undertaking entry to practice nursing degrees in Western Australia (WA) and presents a picture of the future of nursing in Australia as embodied in this student sample.
The aim of this study was to identify possible reasons behind the under-representation of men in nursing in Australia by developing a comparative descriptive profile of a sample of West Australian nursing students and identifying and comparing their opinions regarding the general perception of men in nursing.
This study adopted a comparative, descriptive research design which was applied within a quantitative methodological framework. A sample of 203 (63 male and 140 female) entry to practice nursing students in WA took part in the study by completing an online questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of a series of 33 closed-ended questions addressing background characteristics, path to nursing studies, views on nursing as a career, promoting men in nursing, attitudes and perceptions towards men in nursing and challenges encountered by the male participants. The quantitative data were analysed to obtain a comparative descriptive profile of the sample and identify and compare opinions regarding perceptions of men in nursing.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2015


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