Mass measurement of a single unseen star and planetary detection efficiency for OGLE 2007-BLG-050

V. Batista, S. Dong, A. Gould, J.P. Beaulieu, A. Cassan, G.W. Christie, C. Han, A. Udalski, W. Allen, D.L. Depoy, A. Gal-Yam, B.S. Gaudi, B. Johnson, S. Kaspi, C.U. Lee, D. Maoz, J. Mccormick, I. Mcgreer, B. Monard, T. NatuschE. Ofek, B.G. Park, R.W. Pogge, D. Polishook, A. Shporer, M.D. Albrow, D.P. Bennett, S. Brillant, M. Bode, D.M. Bramich, M. Burgdorf, J.A.R. Caldwell, H. Calitz, A. Cole, K.H. Cook, C. Coutures, S. Dieters, M. Dominik, D.D. Prester, J. Donatowicz, P. Fouque, J. Greenhill, M. Hoffman, K. Horne, U.G. Jorgensen, N. Kains, S. Kane, D. Kubas, J.B. Marquette, R. Martin, P. Meintjes, J. Menzies, K.R. Pollard, K.C. Sahu, C. Snodgrass, I. Steele, Y. Tsapras, J. Wambsganss, Andrew Williams, M. Zub, L. Wyrzykowski, M. Kubiak, M.K. Szymanski, G. Pietrzynski, I. Soszynski, O. Szewczyk, K. Ulaczyk, F. Abe, I.A. Bond, A. Fukui, K. Furusawa, J.B. Hearnshaw, S. Holderness, Y. Itow, K. Kamiya, P.M. Kilmartin, A. Korpela, W. Lin, C.H. Ling, K. Masuda, Y. Matsubara, N. Miyake, Y. Muraki, M. Nagaya, K. Ohnishi, T. Okumura, Y.C. Perrott, N. Rattenbury, T. Saito, T. Sako, L. Skuljan, D. Sullivan, T. Sumi, W.L. Sweatman, P.J. Tristram, P.C.M. Yock

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    Aims. We analyze OGLE-2007-BLG-050, a high magnification microlensing event () whose peak occurred on 2 May, 2007, with pronounced finite-source and parallax effects. We compute planet detection efficiencies for this event in order to determine its sensitivity to the presence of planets around the lens star.Methods. Both finite-source and parallax effects permit a measurement of the angular Einstein radius mas and the parallax , leading to an estimate of the lens mass and its distance to the observer kpc. This is only the second determination of a reasonably precise (
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)467-478
    JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 2009


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