Management of Malignant Pleural Effusion with Indwelling Pleural Catheters

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    Introduction: Malignant pleural effusion (MPE) is common, debilitating and incurable. Treatments aim to palliate symptoms, and minimise hospital stay. Indwelling pleural catheters (IPC) enable ambulatory drainage of the MPE and can remain in the pleural space for as long as needed.
    Thesis Aims: To evaluate IPC treatment for patients with MPE compared with pleurodesis; to assess potential complications of IPC use; to discern which patients benefit most.
    Conclusions: IPC-treated patients required fewer days in hospital and drainage procedures. Complications were uncommon and mortality low. MPE patients with acidic pleural fluid and large volumes are more likely to benefit from treatment.
    Original languageEnglish
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
    Awarding Institution
    • The University of Western Australia
    • Lee, Gary, Supervisor
    • Musk, Arthur, Supervisor
    Award date19 Sept 2016
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2016


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