Lumbo-pelvic loading in adolescent fast bowlers: a prospective injury investigation

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    [Truncated abstract] Fast bowlers in cricket are more prone to injury than other players and are particularly susceptible to debilitating low back injuries, such as lumbar stress fractures (spondylolysis). This injury is especially common amongst adolescent fast bowlers and results in a substantial amount of lost playing time, sometimes leading to young cricketers permanently leaving the sport. Overuse injuries, such as spondylolysis, are caused by the repetitive application of force to the extent that the applied load exceeds the tissue’s tolerance level. The magnitude of the forces applied to the lumbar spine during fast bowling can be estimated using threedimensional motion capture and inverse dynamics modelling, although challenges are presented by the dynamic nature of the activity and the anatomical complexity of the lumbar spine. The magnitude of lumbar loads experienced during bowling is one element in the complex, multifactorial aetiology of low back injury. The frequency of force application (e.g. bowling workload), intrinsic risk factors (e.g. quadratus lumborum asymmetry) and certain features of bowling technique (e.g. shoulder alignment counter rotation) have all been associated with low back injury in separate studies. The broad aims of this research were to (i) modify existing biomechanical models to develop a suitable method for inverse dynamics calculation of lumbo-pelvic loads during fast bowling and (ii) investigate the relationship between lumbo-pelvic loads, other known injury risk factors, and low back injury incidence in adolescent fast bowlers. The primary difficulty with existing trunk biomechanical models is the body segment parameters employed. The most commonly used parameters are not aligned with the vertebrae but are based on surface anatomical landmarks, resulting in segments that are inconsistent with the functional regions of the spine.
    Original languageEnglish
    QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
    • Alderson, Jacqueline, Supervisor
    • Campbell, Amity, Supervisor
    • Elliott, Bruce, Supervisor
    Publication statusUnpublished - 2013


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