Lower Carboniferous (middle Visean) foraminifers and algae from an interior sea, Southern Carnarvon Basin, Australia

D. Vachard, David Haig, Arthur Mory

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    A moderate diversity biota of foraminifers, algae and calcareous microproblematica is recorded from the Lower Carboniferous Yindagindy Formation within the intracratonic Southern Carnarvon Basin in Western Australia. Very shallow metahaline to hypersaline conditions are suggested. The palaeobotanical components are sporadic calcitarcha, tuberitinaceans, codiaceans Orthriosiphon? sp. 1, dasycladaleans? Koninckopora tenuiramosa, and algosponges Issinella devonica, Serrisinella cf. serrensis, Issinella? sp. 1, Kamaena cf. awirsi, Proninella? sp. and Stacheoides spp. The foraminiferal assemblage is dominated by a new koktjubinid taxon: Praekoktjubina yindagindyensis nov. gen., nov. sp. Subordinate associated foraminifers are more sporadic Salpingothurammina? sp. 1, Plectinopsis michelseni nov. gen., nov. sp., Rectopravina multifida nov. gen., nov. sp. (with 4 morphotypes), and scarce Endothyra spp. Despite many of these taxa being endemic, a middle Visean age is probable, based on: (1) the maximum global geographic extent of K. tenuiramosa reached during the middle Visean, (2) the disappearance of Plectinopsis nov. gen. in Palaeotethys and the Urals, and (3) the first occurrence of Praekoktjubina nov. gen. in Palaeotethys. An age no older than the middle Visean is supported by sparse conodonts from the Formation and comparison to episodes of carbonate deposition in the Bonaparte Basin, further north in the East Gondwana rift system. Absence of middle Visean archaediscoids may be due to high salinity. The following algal and foraminiferal families and superfamilies are emended: Scribroporellaceae (a lectotype is selected for Orthriosiphon saskatchewanense); Palaeospiroplectamminidae (due to the creation of Plectinopsis nov. gen.); Haplophragminoidea (due to the creation of Rectopravina nov. gen.); and Globivalvulinoidea and Koktjubinidae (due to the creation of Praekoktjubina nov. gen.). © 2014 Elsevier Masson SAS.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)57-74
    Issue number1-2
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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