Long-term response of soil Olsen P and organic C to the depletion or addition of chemical and organic fertilizers

P. Shen, M. Xu, H. Zhang, X. Yang, S. Huang, S. Zhang, Xinhua He

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    Soil degradation and water pollution could have resulted from inappropriate phosphorus (P) supply. Soil Olsen P is generally a good indicator to estimate bio-availability of P and environmental risk in alkaline soil. The change in Olsen P is always strongly affected by soil organic carbon (SOC) when different forms of inorganic and/or organic P are applied to farmlands with chemical fertilizer and/or manure. We related soil Olsen P to apparent P balance (APB) and SOC in alkaline soils at three 15-year (1991-2005) fertilization sites of northern China. Six treatments were examined: unfertilized control, chemical nitrogen (N), chemical NP, chemical N plus potassium (NK), chemical NPK, and chemical NPK plus animal manure (NPKM, same total N but 20-80% more P). Compared to the initial Olsen P in 1990, after 15years Olsen P was increased under P fertilization but decreased under no-P fertilization. At the three 15-year fertilization sites, annual mean Olsen P was 4.9-12.3 times higher under NPKM, 1.9-2.8 times higher under NP and NPK, but only 28.3-84.8% under Control, N and NK. Annual mean percentage of Olsen P to total P was higher under NPKM (4.6-8.1%) than under other five fertilizations (0.4-2.9%). Change in Olsen P significantly positively correlated with accumulated APB under all fertilizations (r2=0.10-0.31, P
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)20-27
    Publication statusPublished - 2014

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