Ian Martins

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• New discoveries in medicine are required to understand the importance of drug metabolism with relevance to the treatment of Type 2 and Type 3 diabetes that are now connected to various chronic diseases. Repression of the anti-aging gene Sirtuin 1 (Sirt 1) is now associated with the development of non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), mitochondrial apoptosis with relevance to drug metabolism (Ref 1,2). Major interests in caffeine consumption has increased with the alarming increase in the global NAFLD epidemic (Ref 3) relevant to increased transport of caffeine to the brain with the induction of Type 3 diabetes and inactivation of hepatic drug metabolism (Ref 4). Specific nutritional diets are essential to maintain hepatic drug transport and caffeine metabolism to facilitate rapid amyloid beta clearance (Ref 4) from the brain to the periphery and to maintain the effects of drugs that may need to be transported to the brain for the treatment of Type 3 diabetes, neurological diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. The heat shock gene Sirt 1 (Ref 5) may require essential nutrients to maintain its regulation of the circadian rhythm and allow rapid caffeine and amyloid beta metabolism in individuals with diabetes and other chronic diseases with relevance to liver disease on drug pharmacokinetics. REFERENCES: REF 1: EDITORIAL: Martins IJ. (2016) Caffeine Consumption with Relevance to Type 3 Diabetes and Accelerated Brain Aging. Research & Reviews: Neuroscience. 1,1, December. REF 2: REVIEW: Martins IJ. (2016) Drug Therapy for Obesity with Anti-Aging Genes Modification. Ann Obes Disord. 1(1): 1001. REF 3: SHORT COMMUNICATION: Martins IJ. (2016) Type 3 diabetes with links to NAFLD and Other Chronic Diseases in the Western World. International Journal of Diabetes. 1:1-5. REF 4: SHORT COMMUNICATION: Martins IJ. (2016) Diet and Nutrition reverse Type 3 Diabetes and Accelerated Aging linked to Global chronic diseases. J Diab Res Ther 2(2). REF 5: COMMENTARY: Martins IJ (2016) Heat Shock Gene Sirtuin 1 Regulates Post-Prandial Lipid Metabolism with Relevance to Nutrition and Appetite Regulation in Diabetes. Int J Diabetes Clin Diagn 3: 120.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jun 2018
EventInternational Summit on Pharma, Vaccines, Immunology-Business and Clincal Trials - Sydney, Australia
Duration: 12 Jun 201713 Jun 2017


ConferenceInternational Summit on Pharma, Vaccines, Immunology-Business and Clincal Trials


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