Linkage of serum leptin levels in families with sleep apnea

E.K. Larkin, R.C. Elston, S.R. Patel, P.V. Tishler, Lyle Palmer, N.S. Jenny, S. Redline

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OBJECTIVE: To identify regions on the genome linked to plasma leptin levels.DESIGN: Full genome scan with 402 microsatellite markers, spaced similar to10 cM apart. Data were analyzed using the Haseman-Elston regression linkage analysis.SUBJECTS: A total of 160 sibling pairs from 59 predominantly African American, obese families recruited to participate in a genetic-epidemiological study of obstructive sleep apnea.MEASUREMENTS: Serum leptin levels adjusted for age, sex, race and body mass index (BMI).RESULTS: Suggestive linkage peaks were observed on chromosomes 2 (P = 0.00170; marker D2S1384), 3 (P = 0.00007; marker D3S3034), 4 (P = 0.00020; marker D4S1652) and 21 (P = 0.00053; marker D21s1411).CONCLUSION: The peak on chromosome 3 is near the gene for glycogensynthase kinase 2 beta, an important factor in glucose homeostasis. Linkage was generally stronger after BMI adjustment, suggesting the potential influence of a number of metabolic pathways on leptin levels other than those that directly determine obesity levels. The evidence of linkage for leptin levels is consistent with prior linkage analyses for cholesterol, hypertension and other metabolic phenotypes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)260-267
JournalInternational Journal of Obesity
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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