Last Stop Antartica

Julien Poulsen (Composer), Lindsay Gravina (Producer), Tracy Redhead (Performer), John Sparrow (Performer), Jeff Hamilton (Performer), Brian Ritchie (Performer), Charlie Owen (Performer), Spencer P Jones (Performer), Stuart Robertson (Performer)

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From the far south of Tasmania comes THE GREEN MIST featuring members of THE BEASTS OF BOURBON (CHARLIE OWEN and SPENCER P JONES) and THE VIOLENT FEMMES (JOHN SPARROW and JEFF HAMILTON), with songs written by JULIEN OULSON (MOLER / JEN CLOHER & THE ENDLESS SEA). Style swings from dreamy, atmospheric instrumentals through to all-out-rock'n'roll. Produced by LINDSAY GRAVINA of BIRDLAND STUDIOS - 'Next Stop Antarctica' is a unique Australian release and a stunning debut for The Green Mist. This album is loaded with great songs such as sure fire radio hit 'Roads & Cars' featuring TRACY REDHEAD's brilliant, compelling voice. Again, Tracy sings on the blistering 'City is Sinking' - this track ROCKS! CHARLIE OWEN contributes some of his most brilliant slide guitar on 'Dirty Big Low', this amazing instrumental has you reaching for a mouthful of popcorn while expecting a DAVID LYNCH film to kick in. The entire album is a sonic road trip, one of the great things about this aural journey is the distinctive acoustic rhythms from members of The Violent Femmes - acoustic bass legend BRIAN RITCHIE also adds his spooky Shakuhachi bamboo flute to many of the tracks, lending a flavour of World Music instrumentation to what is, essentially, a great folk rock album. 'Next Stop Antarctica's closing track titled "Something to Believe In" is where Poulson steals back lead vocal and guitar duties, showing off Poulson's excellent songwriting prowess, albeit bleak, a track guaranteed to tear through the speakers like some of the finest moments of NEIL YOUNG's 'Crazy Horse'.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMushroom Music Publishing
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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