Innovative Advances in Plant Genotyping

William J.W. Thomas, Yueqi Zhang, Junrey C. Amas, Aldrin Y. Cantila, Jaco D. Zandberg, Samantha L. Harvie, Jacqueline Batley

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Over the past decade, advances in plant genotyping have been critical in enabling the identification of genetic diversity, in understanding evolution, and in dissecting important traits in both crops and native plants. The widespread popularity of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) has prompted significant improvements to SNP-based genotyping, including SNP arrays, genotyping by sequencing, and whole-genome resequencing. More recent approaches, including genotyping structural variants, utilizing pangenomes to capture species-wide genetic diversity and exploiting machine learning to analyze genotypic data sets, are pushing the boundaries of what plant genotyping can offer. In this chapter, we highlight these innovations and discuss how they will accelerate and advance future genotyping efforts.

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