Innovations in Cloth Manufacture in Early Modern England: the Demise of English Fine Wools and Rise of Spanish Merino Wool

Hugh William Chevis

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

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This thesis examines how a small, regionally isolated group of English clothiers and their merchant kin successfully established a new textile industry based on fine Spanish wool. It explains through agronomic theory why Spanish wool displaced fine English wool, then examines developments from the 1570s to 1660s, during which time the industry matured. The activities of the principal families are viewed through the themes of entrepreneurship, kinship and religion. The integration of this new industry with Atlantic and European trade is demonstrated. Key political events influencing the emerging industries are analysed. The thesis shows how Early Modern entrepreneurship could succeed.
Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Awarding Institution
  • The University of Western Australia
  • Tarbin, Stephanie, Supervisor
  • Johnson, Paul, Supervisor, External person
  • Marfany, Julie, Supervisor, External person
Award date19 Mar 2018
Publication statusUnpublished - 2017


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