Immunoglobulin to zona pellucida 3 mediates ovarian damage and infertility after contraceptive vaccination in mice

M.L. Lloyd, John Papadimitriou, S. O'Leary, S.A. Robertson, Geoffrey Shellam

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Antibodies reactive with the ovarian glycoprotein zona pellucida (ZP) have been linked with human female infertility. Anti-fertility vaccines that target ZP antigens have been utilized to restrict pest animal populations and their efficacy is associated with ovary-specific antibody induction. However, the necessity for zona pellucida-specific antibody in mediating infertility has not been examined in vivo. A recombinant mouse cytomegalovirus vaccine encoding murine zona pellucida 3 that induces rapid and complete infertility in BALB/c mice has been produced. The onset of infertility is temporally related to the presence of antibody sequestered into ovarian follicles and binding to the ZP of infected mice and the loss of mature follicles. When this vaccine was inoculated into immunoglobulin-deficient BALB/c mice with a null mutation in the immunoglobulin mu chain gene Igh-6, fertility was unaffected. Passive transfer of serum containing ZP3 antibodies also elicited transient infertility. Electron microscopy of ovarian tissue collected from ZP3-immunized immunocompetent mice demonstrated significant focal thinning of the zona pellucida (ZP) with reduced length and concentration of transzonal processes and many oocytes displayed evidence of injury. None of these changes were found in vaccinated immunoglobulin-deficient mice. These data confirm that ZP3-reactive antibody is necessary and sufficient to induce autoimmune-mediated follicular depletion and fertility suppression following the inoculation of this vaccine, and suggest that this is due to impaired zona pellucida formation. These findings have relevance in understanding the etiology of autoimmune ovarian disease in woman where anti-ZP antibodies are likely to have a causal role in infertility.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)77-85
JournalJournal of Autoimmunity
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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