Host-dependent resistance of Group A Streptococcus to sulfamethoxazole mediated by a horizontally-acquired reduced folate transporter

M. Kalindu D. Rodrigo, Aarti Saiganesh, Andrew J. Hayes, Alisha M. Wilson, Jack Anstey, Janessa L. Pickering, Jua Iwasaki, Jessica Hillas, Scott Winslow, Tabitha Woodman, Philipp Nitschke, Jake A. Lacey, Karen J. Breese, Mark P.G. van der Linden, Philip M. Giffard, Steven Y.C. Tong, Nicola Gray, Keith A. Stubbs, Jonathan R. Carapetis, Asha C. BowenMark R. Davies, Timothy C. Barnett

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

4 Citations (Scopus)

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