High-resolution mapping of the S and Z loci of Phalaris coerulescens

X.Y. Bian, A. Friedrich, J.R. Bai, U. Baumann, D.L. Hayman, Susan Barker, P. Langridge

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    Self incompatibility (SI) in Phalaris coerulescens is gametophytically determined by two unlinked multi allelic loci (S and Z). Neither the S nor Z genes have yet been cloned. As part of a map-based cloning strategy, high-resolution maps of the S and Z regions were generated from distorted segregating populations using RFLP probes from wheat, barley, oat, and Phalaris. The S locus was delimited to 0.26 cM with two boundary markers (Xwg811 and Xpsr168) and cosegregated with Xbm2 and Xbcd762. Xbcd266 was the closest marker linked to Z (0.9 cM). A high level of colinearity in the S and Z regions was found in both self-incompatible and -compatible species. The S locus was localized to the subcentromere region of chromosome 1 and the Z locus to the long arm end of chromosome 2. Several rice BAC clones orthologous to the S and Z locus regions were identified. This opens the possibility of using the rice genome sequence data to generate more closely linked markers and identify SI candidate genes. These results add further support to the conservation of gene order in the S and Z regions of the grass genomes.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)918-930
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - 2004


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