HI4PI: A full-sky Hi survey based on EBHIS and GASS

N. Ben Bekhti, L. Flöer, R. Keller, J. Kerp, D. Lenz, B. Winkel, J. Bailin, M.R. Calabretta, L. Dedes, H.A. Ford, B.K. Gibson, U. Haud, Steven Janowiecki, P.M.W. Kalberla, F.J. Lockman, N.M. McClure-Griffiths, T. Murphy, H. Nakanishi, D.J. Pisano, Lister Staveley-Smith

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© 2016 ESO.Context. Measurement of the Galactic neutral atomic hydrogen (H i) column density, NH i, and brightness temperatures, TB, is of high scientific value for a broad range of astrophysical disciplines. In the past two decades, one of the most-used legacy H i datasets has been the Leiden/Argentine/Bonn Survey (LAB). Aims. We release the H i 4p survey (HI4PI), an all-sky database of Galactic H i, which supersedes the LAB survey. Methods. The HI4PI survey is based on data from the recently completed first coverage of the Effelsberg-Bonn H i Survey (EBHIS) and from the third revision of the Galactic All-Sky Survey (GASS). EBHIS and GASS share similar angular resolution and match well in sensitivity. Combined, they are ideally suited to be a successor to LAB. Results. The new HI4PI survey outperforms the LAB in angular resolution (?FWHM = 16'.2) and sensitivity (srms = 43 mK). Moreover, it has full spatial sampling and thus overcomes a major drawback of LAB, which severely undersamples the sky. We publish all-sky column density maps of the neutral atomic hydrogen in the Milky Way, along with full spectroscopic data, in several map projections including HEALPix.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberA116
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2016


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