Hezuo de gusuan: pinggu zhongguo dui aodaliya de yingxiangli

Translated title of the contribution: Calculating cooperation: Appraisal of China’s influence on Australia

Mark Beeson

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There is a big difference between Australia and China. Although the
political and economic systems in Australia and China are very different and
there are some incompatible aspects of strategic vision,they all benefit from the increasingly close economic relations between the two sides. One of the big
questions faced by policymakers is whether this economic interdependence is
sufficient to overcome other structural obstacles and achieve effective cooperation. One of the major issues faced by scholars is whether deeper economic integration as claimed by scholars advocating liberal interdependence,can have the effect of easing bilateral relations. This paper analyzes the factors that may determine the development trajectory of China-Australia relations,and considers that just as the nature of the system has a structural impact on the relations between countries,the way the country views its potential friends and foes can have a significant impact on the good relations between countries
Translated title of the contributionCalculating cooperation: Appraisal of China’s influence on Australia
Original languageChinese
Pages (from-to)68-81
Number of pages13
JournalZhanlue Juece Yanjiu
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2018


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